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Bulk SMS Service for business

  • Using Alfa Name of your company
  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Convenient payment methods
From  0,0208 usd  for SMS in USA

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SMS Marketing Guidebook
This guidebook gives information about the following issues
  • How to compose brief and efficient messages
  • What is the best time for SMS campaign
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of an SMS campaign
  • How to get your customers trust your brand by means of SMS campaign

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How SMS bulks works?

  • 1.
    You compose SMS,
    you want to send
  • 2.
    Fill in а list of phone numbers
    of your clients
  • 3.
    Top up the sum
    you want
  • 4.
    Send SMS immediately
    or scheduled


Our SMS messaging service has been operating for more than 5 years and have direct connections to all major GSM operators worldwide.

We provide a supreme transmission speed of sending SMS and guaranteed message delivery to your clients.

Personalized messages
from your company

Bulk SMS will be carried out to clients' cell phones with the name of your company indicated in sender field. Using Alfa Name will make the message from you recognizable and will retain your brand in visual memory of your client.

SMS planner
and address books

Create the customer lists and plan the start of SMS distribution automatically. Therefore you will never miss an important event.

Message delivery

You can track the performance of SMS delivery in detailed reports and export them to CSV format.

Simple API integration
with your software

Increase the opportunity of your business using a simple connection to our service. Send SMS directly from your website, program, or 1C.

Prices and tariff plans

Depending on sum of top up, country and operator there are different prices for sending SMS.
Prices are for sending 1 SMS.
  • uah
  • usd
  • eur

Detailed tariff plans. .


0,0223 usd
Sum of top up
from 1 to 99 usd


0,0215 usd
Sum of top up
from 100 to 249 usd


0,0208 usd
Sum of top up
from 250 usd

Convenient payment methods

We accept credit card and e-money.
Refill your account is very simple.

Your balance is always stored

You can top up your account on sum bigger that you need and be sure - your money will always stay in your account and will not be lost even after several years.

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Who uses bulk SMS?

  • Online stores
  • Banks
  • Auto shows
  • Travel companies
  • Nightclubs
  • Child Development
  • Insurance
  • Bridal Shops

Our clients use for

  • Promotional SMS
  • SMS Reminders
  • SMS Informing
  • Greetings SMS

Bulk SMS Service LetsAds

Bulk SMS Service is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and informing existing ones about profitable offers, more comfortable working with your services and increasing the brand's target audience loyalty. For more than 5 years, team has been helping our customers by providing them with bulk SMS services with guaranteed SMS delivery.

Who needs bulk text messaging and why?

Mass texting service will help you solve a number of important business tasks:

  • Attracting new customers with advertising messages. Keeping them informed about your most popular services, launch of new products, opening of another outlet or office in their city/district.
  • Informing permanent customers about your promos, the launch of new products, changes to your address, opening another outlet, or conducting significant company events.
  • Congratulating customers on personal, state or professional holidays is a great way to remind them of the brand in a friendly and unobtrusive manner.
  • Sending system notifications with verification codes, order confirmations, information about delay in delivery, or other important details.

Bulk SMS service will be of use for companies that want to expand their customer base, inform the customers about their special offers, or get feedback from customers after their active actions, such as signing up on the website, making a purchase or placing an order through the delivery service.

Most often, SMS advertising is actively used by:

  • online stores;
  • banks and insurance companies;
  • delivery and taxi services;
  • travel companies;
  • children's and entertainment centers;
  • beauty salons.

Advantages of bulk SMS messaging

Bulk SMS Service has a number of advantages over other advertising tools:

  • User-friendly mechanism for bulk of SMS messages. You can easily and without assistance set up advertising or standard system messaging. Write the text of the message in the SMS program, add a list of numbers, replenish your balance, and activate instant or scheduled messaging.
  • Reasonable price. Bulk SMS Service is always cheaper than alternative ways to attract target customers, such as distribution of business cards, flyers, rent of billboards on busy highways, buying ads in printed media, on radio and TV.
  • Instant delivery. Due to the high channel bandwidth, you can send hundreds and thousands of SMS messages per second.
  • High efficiency. We guarantee that all your messages are delivered to the recipients and they read every nine out of ten SMS messages.

Features of the mass texting service

If you choose or service of bulk text messaging, you will get the best user experience and will be able to set up bulk messaging in a matter of minutes.

We offer:

  • fully automated service for bulk of SMS;
  • several convenient payment options;
  • creating personalized SMS on behalf of the company;
  • scheduling automatic bulk of SMS for a given time and day of the week;
  • setting up bulk of SMS based on the existing contact lists;
  • generating reports on completed SMS messaging with an export to a file;
  • integration with 1C or other corporate software via API;
  • training materials on bulk SMS messaging prepared by experts.

Mass Text Messaging service as an advertising method

Promotion of goods and services with bulk SMS messaging to mobile devices is characterized by a high level of user engagement, because people check their phones several dozen times a day at an average. With the use of bulk SMS, you can reach a wide audience or, on the contrary, narrow it down to residents of a certain city or district. This makes the service effective for both large and local businesses, in particular, at the beginning of commercial activities and with minimum advertising budgets.

The bulk SMS service requires knowledge of the characteristics of your target audience and their needs, as well as skills for formulating the key message. Before activating bulk messaging, you have to formulate an idea and convert it into a concise text, which also should be checked for factual errors, typos, and ambiguities. In order to optimize the load on the call center employees, we recommend launching bulk SMS service for business in several steps, for example, during a day or a working week.

How effective is mass texting service?

Here are some facts that prove the effectiveness of bulk sms services:

  • 100% of messages are guaranteed to be delivered, of which 90% will be opened or read by existing or potential company customers.
  • The SMS marketing market is steadily growing: since the pandemic outbreak in 2019, the number of business-related SMS sent has increased by almost a third (32%), as customers began to use smartphones more often for making purchases and ordering services.
  • Smartphone owners are positive about receiving reminders from various services and messages that help them track their shipments and monitor the order status.
  • Bulk SMS messaging remains the most reliable and preferred channel for informing customers about money transactions and hotel bookings.
  • More than 50% of recipients of advertising SMS perform the target action after reading the message.

An important technical point: in order for bulk SMS service for business to be effective, you need to have a high-quality database of phone numbers. They should be relevant, written in the correct format, and contain only allowed characters.

Unleash the full potential of business mass texting with! We recommend that you try our service for free and send the first 10 test messages to get your own impression of the speed and reliability of its operation.

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