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1. Terms of reference

Usage agreement governs the relations between and the client regarding service usage at website by a client. provides these services solely in terms of Usage Agreement. Provisions that are not included and/or differ from this usage Agreement are invalid.

2. Subject of the contract

Agreement between and the client goes into effect immediately upon receiving client’s order by LetsAds, price acceptance according to a current price list by a customer and advance payment. Client gets a resource to his/her free disposition.

Range of services, being provided by LetsAds in terms of current Agreement, appears from the description on LetsAds website pages. LetsAds reserves the right to improve or modify services at any time.

3. Client’s obligations

3.1 Terms of payment
Payment for services must be mad in advance. is under no obligation to provide services before receiving payment.

All prices are meant with value-added tax (VAT).
3.2 Terms of services usage
Client is held fully and solely liable for each LetsAds service usage and is obliged to comply with important legislative provisions of Ukraine, especially law of crime regulations, information ownership protection, and copyright law regulations. Client mustn’t allow sending any data of extremist, pornographic, fascist or of any other reprehensible nature by means of LetsAds service and also mustn’t invade receiver’s privacy.

LetsAds reserves the right of updating the data sent by the client or or blocking data in case of violation of provisions of the present Agreement. Thus only the client bears full responsibility for the sent data by means of LetsAds service.

The client is also obliged to use competently services of the service and not to allow illegal and doing harm actions, and also to consider the principles of Privacy Policy, keep the password in secret, not transfer it to third parties etc.

The services of are provided exclusively personally to the client. Client is not allowed to provide services to the third party.

The client is responsible in relation to for each use of his access by the third parties; in particular, he agrees that each use of his access will debit his resource.

4. Client’s Responsibility

The client has responsibility for all consequences and losses which and/or the third parties bear from contradicting the current legislation and/or provisions of the present Agreement of services usage. also has the right to immediately block a service if by estimate, the client uses service illegally and/or violates provisions of the present Agreement, in particular, if provisions of the current legislation are broken. Blocking is executed, in this case, without compensation.

5. responsibility makes all possible efforts to provide services in full volume and of the best quality at any time, according to standards and norms accepted in relation to this type of services. Any violations are eliminated as soon as possible within existing opportunities after receiving a notification from a client.

Temporary stay of services (up to 48 o'clock after receiving notification from a client) doesn’t allow the client to terminate the contract or to demand compensation. bears responsibility only for the losses foreseen but not prevented by it. Responsibility of is limited in each case by the last paid and not used service.

The client understands that the access to service, and also transferring information that was sent by a client in a form of SMS through service , depends on a number of technical preconditions (for example, on corresponding networks of cellular communication functioning of the chosen mobile operator) which partially lie out of a field of activity and influence of

If a service isn't available, or SMS messages don't reach the addressee or reach but not in a form expected by the client, doesn't bear any responsibility if this violation is caused by the reason lying out of area of responsibility.

Behavior of partners on providing the services covered by the present Agreement is impossible to reckon in By no means, bears responsibility for compatibility with data, programs, configurations and other equipment rooms and program resources of the client. In particular, doesn't assume any expenses, payments, the expenses which were incurred by the client on integration or integrations failure. Also any liability for damages which arise from this is excluded that the third party illegally used the page of the Internet or its contents.

6. Term and termination

The present agreement is made for an indefinite term. has the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally.

The right of cancellation for the force majeure reason remains. If terminates the present Agreement for the reason not depending on the client or the client terminates the present Agreement for the reason caused by, compensates the sum paid by the client for means not yet spent.

If terminates the Agreement for the reason caused by the client or the client terminates the Agreement for not depending on reasons, the client shall not demand compensation of the sum paid by him for unspent means.

After the Agreement action end all data related to the client (information about the client, data about respondents, archive of messages) are removed.

7. Data security

Personal information which is gathered within service use, are confidential and are protected under the relevant provisions of the legislation of Ukraine.

Hereby the client opts in to his data storage on server.

8. Concluding provisions

Necessary correspondence between and the client concerning their obligations under the present Agreement execution is carried out by means of e-mail.

Transferring Contract laws and obligations under the Agreement to the third party by a client is admissible only from the written consent of reserves the right to modify the Agreement on Use of services on a website at any time. The client is informed about changes of the Agreement on Use by means of e-mail. If the client doesn't agree with changes, he can terminate the contract within 30 days from the moment of receiving the notification about changes. the Agreement on Use changes consent and acceptance by the client is assumed.

In case separate provisions and terms of the present Agreement become invalid, it doesn't mention other provisions of the Agreement on Use.

Ukraine law shall govern this Agreement. A venue to decide any dispute arising from the relationship between the parties to this Agreement shall be the courts of Ukraine within the location of can put in a claim against the client also in the territory of his residence.

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